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Advisory for changing times

West of Zero helps organisations address complex challenges in their operating environment.  


The current business climate has created a level of operational risk, issue overlap and challenge that is unprecedented in our living memory. Changing geopolitics, supply chain issues, a dramatically shifting cost structure and new demands from stakeholders are just some of the dynamics that make our worlds volatile and difficult to navigate.


​Using our Resilience model as a core tool, we work with you help you look at your challenges in a different light. We use research, political intelligence and a knowledge of human behaviour to understand your situation from different angles. We then apply the tools of government relations, communications, issue management and political campaigning to create a unique solution tailored to give you the results you need.

We believe in the capacity of human interaction to build bridges. To foster understanding that overcomes division and brings us closer. A fresh look at the problem can deliver better, more productive and more lasting outcomes in an unpredictable world.  

West of Zero. Advisory for changing times.​

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