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Confident positioning

Changing demands from stakeholders? Employees asking for a different approach? Trying to figure out how to manage different priorities and challenges in a consistent way, without overcommitting?

You're not alone. Organisations everywhere are grappling with greater complexity than ever before.

We can't claim to see the future, but we can help you define a strategic approach that puts you back in control. You don't need all the answers, but it's important to be part of the right conversations. We will help you go beyond message creation to create content that resonates, and remain relevant over time and across markets.

Some of our services include:

  • Issue-based messaging

  • International political analysis

  • Issues management & campaigns

  • Reputation assessment, recovery and enhancement

  • Political & policy opportunities & risks

Better relationships

Strong relationships are based on trust - and trust is created by clarity and predictability more than any other factor. 

Developing a well-functioning relationship is not about always agreeing with the other person. In the world of business relationships, many strong bonds have been forged on utility: if everyone provides something of value, the relationship will most likely endure. 

West of Zero has decades of experience helping organisations of all types identify their most important stakeholders; understand the needs of those audiences, and find ways to deliver value. We offer a wide variety of services to help you create an enduring bond:

  • Stakeholder identification & mapping

  • Strategic change management

  • Political & policy strategy
  • Crisis response & recovery
  • Cross-cultural communication

Agile team

It's one thing to deal with a single issue at a given point in time, but how do you create a team with the resilience to address multiple issues in different places, staying with them as they evolve over time? 

In the current complex external environment, you need to anticipate future challenges as well as dealing with current ones. You need to define meaningful objectives, deliver on them impactfully and measure results in a way that helps you learn and improve. 

West of Zero will help you ensure your team is fit for purpose. We can help you build the right structure and processes to ensure that your team is supported, without getting in its own way. And we can help you build the business case to get the resources you need.


Some of our services include:

  • Organisation needs analysis

  • Fitness for purpose audits

  • Team structure assessment

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities

  • Issue management & crisis preparedness training

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