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About West of Zero

Based next to the meridian line in Greenwich, London, West of Zero is founded on the idea of resiliency, and the belief that communicating credibly with stakeholders in a complex and changeable landscape means being relevant in today's conversations, but consistent over time.

Achieving that requires agility on the part of both organisations and their advisors; a flexibility that most agencies and networks struggle to deliver in a uniform way over different markets and service offerings. Our goal is work with you to create the best possible solution to your challenge, and to work with the best and brightest to ensure it is implemented effectively.


We prefer to work seamlessly as an extension of your team, helping you manage programmes and agency partners as needed to ensure you get the support you need, where you need it - nothing more and nothing less. We won't "upsell" you on programmes and products you don't need, or try to hang around after the job is done to beef up the billings. Our preference is to work on flat project rates where we can, so we can remain focused on results, not time. We aim is to help you solve problems, to create new ones for you to manage.

Dan Baxter


Dan Baxter has spent more than two decades advising companies, governments and not-for-profit organisations at a senior level on some of their biggest challenges as they redefine their strategies, address emerging and unexpected issues and respond to changes in their operating environment.


A former senior partner in a large global government relations and communications agency, he has worked in more than 20 countries across five continents. He has helped to achieve results for clients that many thought impossible. In almost every sector of the economy, he has created solutions and led teams focused on solving complex challenges including international crises, politically-charged restructurings and high-profile multi-market regulatory product and brand defense campaigns. 

Prior to agency life, Dan worked as a political activist and an aide to several politicians in Canada. He currently lives in London.

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