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Organisations today need to deal with a more complex environment than ever before. Are you ready?

A global pandemic, changing geopolitics, rapid evolution of expectations and new demands from employees call for a more thoughtful, agile and resilient approach to issue management, public affairs and communication. Organisations operating internationally need to be prepared to address these factors in a consistent way across each of the markets in which they operate.

Will your organisation thrive in this new dynamic?

West of Zero’s Resilience model was created to help organisations become battle ready for the fast-changing world we find ourselves in.

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How you look at a challenge determines how you solve it

When your world changes around you, the old way of doing things often doesn't work like it used to. You need a fresh perspective and a new outlook.

To develop a new way of looking at your challenge, it's important first to understand how you see it now.  We work with closely with our clients to see things as they currently do: where they are coming from, what has changed, and what that means to the people and the organisation.

Once we "get it" from your perspective, we do our own homework. We analyse the situation thoroughly from different angles. We look at new sources of intelligence and data. We try to understand how others see it. And we play with different ideas and scenarios, to understand what options we might have and how they might play out.


At the end of this process, we use what we have learned reframe the challenge, and help you think about it in new ways. You might be able to turn your problem into an opportunity or a strategic advantage.

By working with you to think differently, West of Zero will help you be resilient. You'll be able to position your organisation confidently, to develop better relationships and to ensure your team is agile and fit for purpose. 

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